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Data centers have an incredibly complex infrastructure, made up of IT equipment that generates waste in the form of heat. Like all waste, that heat must be removed for the system to function properly and last long. Understanding a data center’s cooling structure can help businesses evaluate whether a facility can protect and maintain their […]

Many people are familiar with UPS or Uninterruptible Power System’s primary role as an instant backup power provider when the main power supply fails. However, its purpose extends far beyond this core function. Though the protective role of a UPS is less well-known, it is very crucial, especially in data centers.  Are you familiar with […]

In today’s world, being continuously connected to the internet is the norm. From bingeing an entire season of shows overnight to managing big data in cloud computing, all forms of internet activity require an extraordinary amount of storage space to store user’s data. The primary role of a data center is to house an organization’s […]

A Lithium-ion or Li-Ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery that has existed for a while. It is commonly used for portable electronics and consumer devices. It is considered as a better alternative to lead-acid batteries due to its greater lifespan, thus resulting in fewer battery replacements and lower labor cost. Over the typical […]

Batteries are fundamental components of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which are designed to provide immediate emergency backup power. The role of UPS is incredibly essential in many industries, including healthcare and data centers, and battery failure is the leading culprit behind the majority of UPS catastrophes. UPS batteries generally have a lifespan of three […]

UPS or uninterrupted power supply are designed to provide immediate emergency backup power when the primary source of power is interrupted. The role of UPS is incredibly essential in many modern industries; many businesses rely on consistent and dependable power supplies to protect their hardware, servers and data. The quality components of this power protection […]

Regardless of the industry sector – whether it be IT companies, government organisations, healthcare services, energy infrastructure or security – having a reliable uninterruptible power supply is crucial in running modern day enterprises. The UPS is designed to provide emergency backup power when the input power supply is down. It helps to protect significant issues […]

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