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The importance of power protection As the demand for data centres is significantly increasing, the expectation of security systems has been raised. Uninterruptible Power Supply is designed as an emergency backup power supply for any unexpected situation that may occur, such as when the input power supply was interrupted. Preventing power supply from failing helps […]

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electrical system providing emergency power protection to your connected power equipment in the event that the power is unexpectedly shut off. Just as all electronic equipment needs maintenance, a UPS requires maintenance in line with the particular manufacturer’s standards to ensure optimal safety and reliability is satisfied. With […]

Buying an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be very difficult considering the extensive range available online. A UPS offers you power protection for your connected equipment in the event the power is shut off, allowing it to safely turn off without any damages occurring. A UPS system is very important to have in your home […]

Wanting to protect your sensitive (and may we add, very expensive) electronics? Whilst surge protectors are a must, power conditioners are essential in offering protection for all entertainment & sound systems as well as home office devices. Power conditioners are electrical components which have been designed to improve the quality of power supplied through to […]

Data structured cabling isn’t a very exciting topic to read about, but neither is industrial plumbing. But do you know what they both have in common? They’re a non-negotiable when it comes to operating your business at an optimal level. You wouldn’t want to rock up to work one day and have your conference room […]

A PDU (power distribution unit) is a convenient device fitted to toggle power to connected equipment. As such, it allows you the capability to turn on, turn off or even reboot electrical equipment attached to a PDU. The usability is quite simple and you can easily toggle power to individual devices without having to actually […]

No matter what industry you’re in, business ICT equipment don’t come cheap and it’s safe to say that they are an asset to the business. As such, just as it’s important to invest in good equipment, it is just as vital to invest in proper upkeep. Whether that is a UPS, alternative surge protection equipment, […]

Perhaps your business is suffering from unexpected electrical failures, equipment faults or power surges? If you’re working in an industry that is heavily reliant upon the quality of your electrical equipment, then it is time to conduct a power quality audit to ensure that the efficiency and safety of your electrical system is up to […]

Temperature control is an essential component of data centre management, yet surprisingly it is often overlooked. The two major factors which can cause serious detrimental effects on the health of your data room / electronics is heat and humidity. Learn the importance behind computer room cooling and how you can ensure that your electrical equipment […]

An electrical surge essentially is a spike in electrical voltage in which the spike exceeds the electric current levels. Electrical surges generally are caused by power outages, lightning strikes and short or tripped circuit breakers to name a few. Whilst a power surge typically cannot be prevented (unfortunately we cannot stop mother nature and it’s […]

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