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Why Your Business Needs a Power Distribution Unit

A PDU (power distribution unit) is a convenient device fitted to toggle power to connected equipment. As such, it allows you the capability to turn on, turn off or even reboot electrical equipment attached to a PDU. The usability is quite simple and you can easily toggle power to individual devices without having to actually be at the site of your equipment.

This is particularly useful for sites you control at a distance. Imagine the ease of controlling power to these devices without the need to be physically present. PDUs are essential for businesses that employ remote sites for work but are also highly effective for the everyday workplace. But, you might be asking why exactly you need a power distribution unit. We are here to tell you why it’s a smart investment.

Enhanced reliability of your IT equipment  

No matter the type of equipment you have in your businesses, it’s imperative to have a sophisticated structure in place to guard against power disruptions. It’s very to easy have power downtimes and electrical fluctuations as a result. Having a power distribution unit safeguards your equipment against these unexpected interruptions. PDUs are fitted so that power is distributed evenly and provides enhanced reliability. Additionally, it safeguards your equipment against accidental plug disconnects as most PDUs come with a plug retention feature. 

It gives you accurate analysis on how your power is being distributed

Every business is looking for efficient ways to conduct their business and reduce their overhead costs. Investing in a power distribution unit can help you ascertain how your power is being utilised and monitor energy usage. This type of information can help you identify rogue equipment that’s using more-than-necessary energy. This type of metering can also ascertain where the supply of power may be low and how best to distribute it for efficient equipment functionality. 

Cut your cooling costs for equipment 

For optimal functionality, data centres need to be consistently exposed to a cooler temperature. Older power distribution units may require continual cooling but newer units can function up to 60 degrees celsius (140F). This can significantly help bring down cooling costs as these units can function at a higher temperature and still be as effective if not more. 

Simplify maintenance and upgrades

Power distribution units are fitted with varying components that can be removed and replaced with ease which makes maintenance and upgrades significantly less time consuming and costly. For instance, if you need to do a hot-swap of server components, you might find it difficult without having to change the entire unit. Newer PDUs come with exchangeable components to help you perform upgrades and maintenance services with little to no interruption on the unit itself. 

It provides instant notifications on functionality 

PDUs are fitted with alarm systems to notify you of the functionality of your equipment. With just a glance, PDUs make it possible to check on the operation status of the equipment and show other key information. This can help you quickly detect and correct power faults without experiencing any downtime. Conduct your workday with a business-as-usual attitude without the worry of unknown problems arising from your electrical devices. 

Efficient use of space

If you are in the market to invest in a PDU but have space restrictions, you can rest easy because installing the PDU will not require extra room. PDUs can be racked or mounted on to a wall to make efficient use of small spaces with compatible design. 

Peace of mind

This benefit seems to go under the radar, but all other benefits add up to the fact that you are giving yourself a peace of mind with one less thing to worry on your plate. Data centre managers can take a breather knowing that power is continually and consistently flowing through all appropriate channels to keep a business functioning. In the event that an abnormality arises, easy detection can keep further problems at bay. 

Trust in the experts with your power distribution units installations

The team at Northern Lights Data can assess your business requirements and come up with a custom PDU system that fits the space and the budget. Power protection is imperative in today’s technology-driven workplaces. Don’t fall victim to avoidable power outages, electricity supply faults and premature equipment damage. Consult a professional today at Northern Lights Data on how you can get set up!

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