Computer Room Cooling Systems for High efficiency Humidity Control and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Northern Lights Data can install incredibly efficient reliable and cost-effective heat pump systems to keep computer rooms/ data centre the optimal temperature to maximise their processes. Temperature management is an essential component of data centre infrastructure. There are numerous solutions to maintaining the required temperatures to keep your electronic equipment running, with pros and cons to each solution.

Maintaining the temperature within a computer room / server room environment can be quite the challenge due to the large amounts of heat that is produced via the computers and equipment. Furthermore, these types of appliances are generally sensitive to changes in air temperature, which results in the need for an external cooling solution to protect the appliances as well as the important data that is generally stored within server / data rooms. Humidity is another major environment condition which needs to be managed via computer room cooling. If there are humid conditions present within a computer / server room, it will tend to create condensation within your actual appliance. This then creates the chance that it could short-circuit which will mean that you could potentially lose data and have further damage to some of the computer’s components. 

Northern Lights Data and Protection can advise on the optimal temperature control solution to meet your current and future business needs. We can analyse your specific requirements including power density, room size, growth plans, budget, running costs and other factors to help you balance these considerations and suggest a solution that fits your business goals.

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