Northern Lights Data Structured Cabling

Data centre environments are becoming increasingly complex and having a structured cabling system is becoming imperative for most businesses today. Ensuring an organised infrastructure of your data cables will help to manage and support connections and will allow for easy network growth.

If your data cables are not installed properly or you are not using a structured cabling system you may be causing unnecessary issues for your business. Unorganised and messy cables can result in mistakes; it is easy to confuse ports and their respective wire when the wires are in a tangled mess. Untangling the mess can cause stress on the cables leading to hardware errors which are a nightmare to trace.

With data structured cabling we can ensure you that your hardware will be able to run to its full potential, reducing stress on you and your business. An organised infrastructure will reduce the risk of human error and therefore reduce the possibility of downtime. Time can be saved on tracing cable and ports, and MAC’s are able to run much quicker as there is no need for long patch cords to equipment racks. Finally, an organised system will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Who doesn’t like to see organisation at its best? Wires will be arranged neatly, the bulk will be reduced and fewer wires will be seen in front of the switch.

At Northern Lights, we believe that every data system can benefit from upgrading to data structured cabling. We have a wide variety of structured cabling products to suit your business needs. Northern Lights provides a professional service with fully qualified technicians that are experts in providing systems that maintain industry quality and reliability.

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