The Importance of Data Structured Cabling & Why You Need it For Your Business

Data structured cabling isn’t a very exciting topic to read about, but neither is industrial plumbing. But do you know what they both have in common? They’re a non-negotiable when it comes to operating your business at an optimal level. You wouldn’t want to rock up to work one day and have your conference room flooded. By the same token, you wouldn’t want to have a system failure caused by network downtime. The benefits of data structured cabling will be different depending on each businesses’ functionality and scope of operation. However, for the most part, having an organised and structured data cabling system ensures your business will have a cost-effective infrastructure of cables that won’t let you down in the long run. With that said, if you don’t already have a structured data cabling system, here’s exactly why you need it for your business. 

An investment for the future

One of the most important benefits of data structured cabling is the high bandwidth that allows for a high performing floor. Higher bandwidth supports scalable growth for a business because you’re investing in adaptable IT infrastructure. Additionally, as your business grows, adding technology into your infrastructure is a seamless process. With data structured cabling, easily make additions to the network without daily interruptions. Change is a key driver of growth in today’s saturated markets and as such, quickly pivoting to industry changes is mandatory. 

The simplicity of data structured cabling

How comforting is the feeling of organising your desk? Or maybe doing a full spring-clean of your house? That feeling of relief is the same when you know your IT equipment and cabling are organised in a straightforward system. By far, most businesses have many tech devices and IT systems running at the same time. Having one single wiring system organising all the technological functionings takes the headache of having to sort through multiple infrastructures. This headache easily translates into more time consumed on mundane housekeeping work and money lost in the long run.

Easily identify issues

Data structured cabling offers a level of flexibility and problem-solving that’s unparalleled. When the plethora of cables governing tech functioning is governed by a single system that is easily visible and organised, you can easily initiate moves, add ons and a whole host of changes. This significantly reduces installation and maintenance times as well as any lag in business performance. Moving your office from one location to another or even changing where you house your IT devices can be a massive issue if you have tangled wires. The very nature of technology is such that malfunctions happen from time to time As such, having a structured cabling system makes it significantly easier to isolate issues and get your tech functioning in no time.

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Workplace safety is no joke and it’s something that should be continuously maintained and regulated. Yes, having a messy wiring system can be a headache but more importantly, it can be very dangerous. When your wires are in a tangled heap, you run the risk of the disorganisation starting fires, electrical shocks and even trips and falls. Safety is a non-negotiable first in any workplace. Significantly bring down any hazardous causes that might harm you or your employees by investing in data structured cabling.

Works with IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT isn’t a new concept but it’s becoming more and more ubiquitous across technological advancements. In layman’s terms, IoT refers to the connection of any device to the Internet. From your smartphone to a tech-embedded rain jacket, IoT is everywhere. Soon, it’ll blanket across every item we use (smart cars, anyone?). With the future of the workplace making way for IoT, your operations should be able to adapt, as well. Where does structured cabling come into the equation? Automation is becoming more prevalent in the operations of key business areas. On top of that, energy management and cybersecurity are making headway in the realm data cabling and IoT.  

If these benefits can’t convince you to jump on and invest in data structured cabling, think twice. With benefits that keep on giving on top safety precautions and adaptions to tech advancements, it’s in your best interest in implementing a unified cabling system. If you want to learn more or are ready to jump on board, call the experts at Northern Lights Data. Every data system can benefit form an upgrade. With professional services, qualified technicians, the team at Northern Lights Data will provide you with industry-quality systems and before and after service care in New Zealand. Arrange a call with them today to learn more.

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