Benefits of UPS

Lesser-Known Benefits of UPS

Many people are familiar with UPS or Uninterruptible Power System’s primary role as an instant backup power provider when the main power supply fails. However, its purpose extends far beyond this core function. Though the protective role of a UPS is less well-known, it is very crucial, especially in data centers. 

Are you familiar with the protective role of UPS? Let’s find out together.

Power Interruptions Problems 

For a data center ICT equipment, the sources of disturbances may come from anywhere, and not just blackouts. It could come from power supply fluctuations, electrical storms, to heavy industrial equipment. This could easily result in permanent damage, data corruption, and loss, and negatively impact the reputation of the host organization. Negligence in this matter would seriously impact the functioning of your electrical equipment, thus risking your important and confidential data. For instance, there are main-born disturbances, namely brownouts, power surges, and noise.

Catastrophic Situation Caused by Disruptions

A power surge occurs when the flow of electricity is interrupted, and then started again, thus there is a sudden increase in power. A power surge is short-lived, yet it can still cause significant damage to anything that contains a microprocessor, especially to large appliances such as a transformer. A large power surge may cause instantaneous damage, causing “fried” circuits and melting plastics. Meanwhile, a low-level power surge won’t melt parts or blow fuses, but they can cause “electronic rust” where the internal circuit gradually declines until it ultimately fails. One small surge doesn’t leave any visible damage, but it can occur dozens or even hundreds of times each day. 

Another source of disruptions are sags, which describes the phenomenon when the power supply drops of possibly several cycles. They are similar to negative electrical spikes, however, sags occur in considerably longer duration. Sags are usually the result of large-load switching or starting of rotating machinery. It may cause computers to reboot if they are sufficiently deep.

Severe Weather Conditions

Severe weather conditions, such as lightning storms, are notorious for causing electrical disruptions. For example, electrical spikes are sudden increases in voltage. The short-duration rapid voltage transitions can destroy electrical and electronic equipment. Spikes may occur due to locally grounded lightning strikes, equipment switching high electrical currents, load switching by power companies, or even thermostats – however, it is usually caused by lightning.

On the other hand, electrical noise is caused by the interference between lightning and generators, which results in unclean power getting into your devices. Noise can cause the operating system and applications to malfunction and possibly corrupt files. When such disruption occurs, it is important that you seek the assistance of professional electricians in Auckland to avoid causing further damage.

The Solutions

Data center owners seeking power protection solutions to protect their facility from the disturbances above will benefit most from opting for a Line Interactive UPS. Such UPS can also help to protect your data center facilities from main-born disruptions and malfunctions. This is because, with a UPS, the load always receives conditioned power with a well-regulated voltage level from the inverter, with the UPS’s conversion stages protecting it from mains-borne noise and transients. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that the data center’s sensitive ICT equipment is well-protected from electrical disruptions.

Protect your business from downtime due to power interruptions by scheduling a routine UPS inspection with a trusted UPS Specialist. Here at Northern Lights Data, we can provide you with a customised solution to meet your power protection and power management needs. Our team of expert UPS Installers can assist your business with UPS installation, routine UPS prevention checks, and UPS maintenance, ensuring that your business is well-protected from electrical disruptions at all times. Mitigate your downtime and losses, get in touch with Northern Lights Data today.

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