Power Conditioner

Power Conditioners

Power conditioners are electrical devices used to improve the quality and consistency of power that is delivered to your electrical equipment. The devices usually deliver a specific voltage consistently to allow equipment to function optimally. However, voltage isn’t the only characteristics of the power supply that power conditioners function to control,  they can also help correct the power factor, help with noise suppressions and guard against transient impulse protection. Power conditioners will help your ICT equipment to function more efficiently and guard against issues caused by power surges. Power conditioners vary tremendously in function and size, from units sufficiently small to be mounted on a printed circuit board to industrial units that can protect entire manufacturing plants.

Northern Lights Data and Protection are experts in data centre power supply solutions and can recommend the best power conditioners to suit your particular business needs, growth plans and budget.

Our team of expert master electricians will work hand in hand with you, ensuring that your power conditioner needs are meet. All work and equipment will be installed safely, within an efficient time frame with minimal disruptions to the businesses day to day activity. Northern Lights Data is here to help you integrate your devised electrical strategy within your premises. We can coordinate the on site positioning and electrical connection as well as install power conditioners that best suit your requirements. Furthermore, we will conduct relevant tests to ensure that the power protection solutions are working at their optimal rate and are in accordance with all current rules and regulations. 

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