Power Distribution Units

Northern Lights Data Power Distribution Units (PDU)

A power distribution unit (PDU) or mains distribution unit (MDU) is simply a device fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power as needed, generally, PDUs are used to distribute power to networked computers, or servers in data centres.

Because of the sensitivity of ICT equipment, data centres require PDU systems with power protection and advanced monitoring capabilities. So as to manage power inputs to maximise uptime efficiency and growth.

Power Distribution Units are available within a selection of styles, generally based on the aesthetics and size of the PDU which is helpful to know so that you can select the most appropriate style that will suit and fit your area. The four main types of power distribution units include:

  • Basic Power Distribution Unit; suitable for small server rooms 
  • Metered Power Distribution Unit; able to measure the power consumption and monitor how the power is being distributed 
  • Monitored Power Distribution Unit; able to collect real time data which is ideal for high performance demands 
  • Switched Power Distribution Unit; similar to monitored power units however they have the added practical benefit of a remote control 

Northern Lights Data are experts in PDU equipment and can supply and install equipment from all of the leading manufacturers. Contact Northern Lights for a custom PDU system to best suit your company’s needs and budget.

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