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Northern Lights Data Power Quality Audit

Perhaps your business is suffering from unexpected electrical failures, equipment faults or power surges? If you’re working in an industry that is heavily reliant upon the quality of the electrical infrastructure, then power quality audits are necessary to check the reliability, efficiency and safety of the organisation’s electrical system.

Northern Lights Data Power Quality Audits (PQA’s) will identify any issues with your power supply. We can inform you of any potential problems, and work with you to devise the optimum solution to meet your businesses power supply needs, both immediately and in the long run. This service will not only reduce the risk of business critical dysfunctions but may also identify means of improving efficiency saving significant energy consumption costs.

Our team of expert master electricians will conduct a thorough site survey, to ensure that the entire electrical infrastructure is examined. From there, a thermographic survey is completed as well as a rigorous power quality audit. All results are analysed and measured to allow us to construct a detailed power quality report. These results will also assist in the development of effective yet efficient solutions to any power quality issues which may have been discovered throughout the auditing process. 

Our Power Quality Audit services include:

  • Voltage sags / Swells
  • Harmonics (Vthd & Ithd)
  • Transients
  • Frequency variation
  • Electrical line noise
  • Brownouts
  • Blackouts
  • Inrush
  • Flicker
  • Poor P.F
  • Unbalance


Northern Lights Data Power Quality Audits will help to identify any dysfunctions which may be present within the current electrical system. Furthermore, the audit will allow our team of trusted electricians to rectify these potential issues to ensure optimised operational efficiency, extended life span of all equipment as well as an improved reliability of the entire system.

For a complete effortless power quality audit from master data electrician contact Northern Lights Data today.

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