Reasons Why UPS Maintenance is Crucial

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electrical system providing emergency power protection to your connected power equipment in the event that the power is unexpectedly shut off. Just as all electronic equipment needs maintenance, a UPS requires maintenance in line with the particular manufacturer’s standards to ensure optimal safety and reliability is satisfied.

With individual user’s and businesses becoming more and more reliant on electricity, UPS failure can cause extreme distress and even business failure for the period of time the power is turned off. As a business with unreliable electricity, you cannot complete a transaction or operate your store effectively and the inconvenience can result in a loss of time and money. A regular UPS maintenance program will ensure your UPS is up to date and ready to protect your equipment in the event that the power is unexpectedly turned off.

A UPS maintenance programme is crucial for the following reasons:

Preventing Failure-Induced Downtime

Whether you are an individual or business, having a maintained UPS will protect your machinery, computers, production line, transactions or anything electrical leading your sales and revenue. If the power goes out and your UPS is not up to date with appropriate maintenance it is unlikely to work as effectively as you would expect, driving potential downtime for the business.

In the event a UPS goes offline and fails to effectively switch on, your electrical equipment could be comprised from protection. Therefore, keeping on top of your UPS maintenance will allow you to alleviate the risk of comprising your connected equipment and potential business downtime.

Preventing A Loss of Data

As a business or individual, having the option to ensure your personal and confidential information within your electronic device is protected is extremely important. Sensitive and confidential data is commonly subject to driving delays or sags in a power supply. UPS maintenance can assure you that your UPS will continue supplying constant power with instantaneous switchover occurring from your main power supply to UPS is achieved.

Ensure Optimum UPS Efficiency

To optimise UPS efficiency, manufacturers recommend maintaining the internal capacitors cleanliness, ambient temperature and surrounding humidity. Maintaining the UPS in a dry, clean, and lit up area and ensuring the alarms and any indicators are up to date and operating properly will drive your UPS towards working at optimum efficiency.

Following a maintenance program will ensure your UPS is always ready to switch on effectively and efficiently in times of need. A proper maintenance routine involves servicing all internal parts of the UPS as well as the battery or any other contributing essentials.

The external environment surrounding the UPS should also receive proper maintenance, involving removing any obstructions or unnecessary particles surrounding the UPS. Considering where the UPS is located and whether it maintains an ambient temperature should further be measured. Ensuring your UPS meets an ambient temperature with good air flow will contribute towards optimising your UPS performance.

It is expected that during any UPS maintenance checks, all degradation of critical components are measured, ensuring all repairs are performed to generate at optimal efficiency.

Optimise Battery Health

Having your UPS maintenance up to date will ensure you are optimising battery health. Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are commonly found in UPS’s, operating in ‘float mode’. When in ‘float mode’ a UPS battery can maintain optimum battery charge. When the UPS is required, the discharge of Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries occurs until battery life is reached. It is important to ensure these batteries’ health is frequently monitored to optimise battery life and meet its prediction.

Conduct Emergency Repairs

Even when you follow a UPS maintenance program there is still the potential possibility of an unforeseen failure to occur. In the event this occurs, it is very important to ensure you have an appropriate emergency repair service team who you can contact to assist you with repairing your UPS to ensure optimum accessibility and usability.

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