Surge Protection

Northern Lights Data Surge Protection Installation.

Evaluate the value of the ICT equipment and electrical appliances you have in your business. From servers to computers to white goods and air conditioning systems, there is no doubt there is a lot of money tied up in these items. The replacement costs to replace these items can be astronomical. Without protecting your electrical equipment from power surges you are at great risk of damaging your equipment and being faced with this huge expense.

Surge protection is necessary for any business. An electrical spike can occur at any moment and with a surge protector fitted this surge is intercepted before it can cause any damage to your technology. A surge is an electrical fluctuation which can occur within a fraction of a second, yet can cause serious, life threatening damage to electronic and electro mechanical equipment. Surges can occur in the main power grid or within your business. For this reason, surge protection needs to be fitted in two main locations. Surge protection fitted within your fuse board will prevent voltage fluctuations in the main power grid from affecting your equipment. Northern Lights Data can safely install surge protection within your organisation or property by installing switchboard protection, which prevents high voltage fluctuation as well as addressing the power supply for each appliance, ensuring that the whole area is protected. Our surge protection solutions are available in a range of different sizes and shapes, making them efficient and capable to deter thousands of volts of electricity without difficulty. Power surges can be caused by a number of reasons yet the quick impact it can have on both your home and electrical appliances can be damaging. 

Northern lights Data and Protection pride themselves in being specialists in power protection solutions. We offer an Auckland wide service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact our power management specialists today and we can customise a solution to protect your home from power surges for good.

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