The Future of Data Power Protection

The Future of Data Power Protection

The importance of power protection

As the demand for data centres is significantly increasing, the expectation of security systems has been raised. Uninterruptible Power Supply is designed as an emergency backup power supply for any unexpected situation that may occur, such as when the input power supply was interrupted. Preventing power supply from failing helps to protect companies from significant issues such as data loss or to increase the reliability of equipment facilities such as in hospitals for example. 

Back in the day, the early adopted flywheel was the only equipment which provided short bursts of backup power. This type of rotary system is inefficient and not powerful enough to support the modern servers and databanks. In short, it does provide the short backup plan but not the surge power protection. 

It is important for businesses to depend on the reliable UPS to protect their hardware, data and servers. Especially when businesses are holding huge amounts of data, for example, the healthcare industry, IT companies or government organisations. Without an advanced UPS system to protect the business, unexpected interrupted power supply could bring down the entire company. 

What can we expect in changes in future trends of power supply protection systems?

As technology is becoming more advanced, it enhances the power of improvement in innovation. At the same time, an effective UPS system should be adapted and suit the changes of data centres. Therefore, we can expect possible changes in UPS systems according to the future trends of data centres. Although it is difficult to predict the future of a data centre accurately in the long term, here are some possible trends that are assumed.

Types of Data centre

Here are types of data centre that exist today and are likely to last for another decade or even longer; Hyperscale data centre, non hyperscale cloud, enterprise data centre and colocation data centre. 

Modular Design

By using the modular design for data centres, not only can it be deployed much faster than the traditional approaches as well as cost less but it also can provide benefits in the long term. In the past few years, we already have seen the growing number in demand of Modular UPS technology especially in high power applications and it is likely to grow continuously. 

UPS Batteries

One of the most debatable topics now that we should keep an eye on is the battery types for UPS systems. Although lithium-ion batteries seem to have a lot of advantages such as longer life expectancy, less cost and reduced risk of thermal runaway. However, VRLA is currently the most commonly used technology and doesn’t seem like it will die out any time soon.

Advancement in UPS 

As the advancement of technology is rising, more people are expecting growth in the intelligence of UPS as well. People desire to receive warning ahead of time for upcoming problems before failure occurs, as third parties are able to monitor a business remotely. 

What should you look for in the future of the UPS system? 

Not only that, but the system has to be energy sufficient but also must be designed suitable for each business. Sophisticated planning is required, from considering UPS systems that match the business size to planning out the surrounding environment for future maintenance. Overall, design is the key. 

Therefore, it is incredibly important to have specialist advice in this specific area to ensure the proper installation process. Not only to prevent the power outage but also to reduce the risk from unexpected power surges.

At Northern Lights DataUPS design is crucial. Before beginning any projects, our UPS specialist team works closely with clients to ensure the understanding of the client’s requirements. We will collect detailed information of your business, including the stability of the building, to ensure it is stable enough to be equipped for a physical load as well as the surrounding environment for possible future maintenance.

We offer full UPS installation service at Northern Lights Data. We truly understand the importance of a reliable power supply. That is why at Northern Lights Data, our team members are fully qualified electricians who have been trained, and experienced in designing reliable power supply solutions to guarantee an efficient long-term outcome. At Northern Lights, we committed to drive to deliver a secure power protection strategy for your data centres. We do our best to meet our clients’ expectations.

Get in touch with us now to contact our friendly team member for more information. 

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