The Importance Of UPS Components

The Importance Of UPS Components

UPS or uninterrupted power supply are designed to provide immediate emergency backup power when the primary source of power is interrupted. The role of UPS is incredibly essential in many modern industries; many businesses rely on consistent and dependable power supplies to protect their hardware, servers and data. The quality components of this power protection system is what determines the effectiveness of UPS, preventing them against power surge, outage, or brownouts.

Not only should the UPS’s external environment be suitable and appropriate for the safety and efficiency of the equipment, the component inside the UPS itself is also considered a significant factor. Although from the exterior, most UPS’s may look alike, to select the best quality UPS you need to consider the technological features and quality components. This is to ensure the reliability of the equipment. 

The components of UPS are important in different ways. Understanding each one and their roles in the overall performance can help you in deciding the best UPS and power protection solution that is most suitable for your businesses. 

The UPS Battery

Starting with the core of any UPS system, the battery. The function of UPS batteries is to provide emergency backup power when the primary source of power fails. The rectifier or the battery charger ensures that the battery is always charged and on standby. The lifespan of the batteries is usually affected by the environment of where the UPS is kept. Therefore it is important to do regular battery maintenance and area checks to prevent the risk of UPS failures. Moreover, it is important to note that UPS battery systems are attached with at least one or more strings of batteries. One bad battery cell may spoil all of the battery’s strings. 

The Rectifier

Another main component of the UPS is the rectifier. The rectifier performs several functions in the system. The first main role is to convert the utility power from Alternating current (AC) to Direct current (DC) and their second main role is to recharge the batteries. Since the rectifier performs several essential functions, selecting high quality and regular maintenance would be a good idea to ensure that the rectifier is performing well and to prevent them from corrosion. 

The Inverter

The inverter inverts the direct current (DC)  from the rectifier or the battery to an alternating current (AC). It takes supply from the AC source to charge the battery. During the power cut, the inverter receives the supply from the battery and provides power supply to the electrical equipment. This conversion process (AC to DC to AC) filters and smooths out the occurrence of spikes, surges, sags or noises; ensuring the process is running smoothly. 

The Capacitor Bank 

The capacitor is a simple device that is often overlooked, the quality capacitor can extend the value of UPS systems that protect critical electronic equipment. Typically, UPS contains multiple different types and sizes of the capacitor. Their function is to smooth out the fluctuations of the unstable electrical voltage. 

The small capacitor smooths out the power supplied to the UPS processor, while the large capacitor regulates the power flow into the protected equipment. Just like any other component, capacitors degrade over time. Although, ideally the lifespan of a capacitor may span up to 10 years under a suitable and favorable operating environment. Although, when a capacitor fails, it might not show an obvious visible effect, however other capacitors may have to take over the work which causes their life span to shorten. Maintaining capacitors and replacing them if needed is crucial in order to maximise the performance and reliability of the UPS. 

Most importantly, the biggest factors that are under your control in order to extend the lives of any UPS components is to maintain the appropriate temperature, humidity, and cleanliness of your UPS environment. Good data centre management can prolong the equipment lifespan as well as increase the reliability of UPS, preventing downtime and catastrophic failure of your critical equipment.

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