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Northern Lights Data UPS Installation

Uninterruptible Power Supply are designed to offer true emergency backup power when the input power supply occasionally fails. A UPS helps protect against significant issues such as data loss or to ensure the reliability of critical equipment such as in hospitals.

Many businesses rely on dependable uninterruptible power supplies to protect their hardware, servers and data. Having reliable power protection is essential for the running of many modern enterprises including; IT companies, government organisations, healthcare services, energy infrastructure and security. If your business isn’t protected by a sufficiently advanced UPS system, then an unexpected outage could entirely bring down business operations at any point.

While some smaller, less advanced UPS systems can directly plug into existing systems, larger more sophisticated modern systems require a proper installation process with an expert electrician to guarantee effective long-term outcomes.

Here at Northern Lights Data, UPS design is paramount. We factor in all considerations and possibilities when calculating the power required to ensure that there is sufficient capacity. Our UPS experts ensure that the client’s requirements are understood before completing the task. By doing so, it allows our team to conduct a detailed analysis of your establishment to ensure that all electrical circuits are cleared to support the UPS equipment, that the foundations of the building are stable and equipped to withstand the physical load and that the surrounding environment is suitable for future access (or maintenance). Our team can design and cost the solution as well as provide ongoing advice to ensure that no questions are left unasked. Here at Northern Lights Data, our dedicated team are fully qualified master electricians who undergo constant training and development to ensure that all power solution designs are reliable and can guarantee that they will withstand the test of time. 

Northern Lights Data UPS installations ensure that your business will have seamless, reliable protection against any power outage regardless of its duration. Northern Lights Data UPS Systems will not only protect against power outages but also mitigate the risk from unexpected power surges.

Our UPS expert master electricians offer a complete “turnkey” UPS installation packages to suit any business needs. Our team works with clients throughout the project to ensure that the UPS, standby generator or other installation requirements are managed safely, on time and with minimal business downtime. 

If your business and technological infrastructure is growing, you may need to review your current UPS and potentially upgrade to a system that will help future proof your assets.

Northern Lights Data install and maintain UPS Systems for businesses across New Zealand.

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