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Regardless of the sophistication of your UPS System, the reliance on batteries for backup power generation inevitably means that these systems require maintenance and testing to guarantee that they can be relied on when your business needs them. As your UPS system is your first line of defence against power variations (power spikes, power black outs), it is vital that regular maintenance is upheld to prevent any mishaps from occurring. Furthermore, due to the high value of UPS equipment and data, it is paramount that effective prevention mechanisms are put into place. With Northern Lights Data UPS maintenance you can rest assured that your backup power systems function when they’re required.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Batteries are the number one cause of UPS Failure. Routine testing will enable any faults to be detected before failure becomes likely to occur. All batteries have a finite lifespan, which can vary depending upon their use, with proper maintenance this lifespan can be extended significantly. Crucially, regular professional maintenance can also reveal when replacements are needed to ensure against costly systems failures.

Protect your business from downtime due to power interruptions by scheduling in a routine UPS inspection. Detecting and repairing UPS issues before they evolve into major problems is crucial as not only can they cause a significant financial burden for your organisation, but they can also impact the way day to day business activities are conducted. 

Northern Lights Data UPS inspection and maintenance service entails a detailed audit and examination of all equipment including it’s internal and external conditions, the condition of the battery and it’s connections to the equipment it’s protecting. A thorough report detailing the current condition of UPS and backup systems is supplied to the client along with full details of any necessary or suggested maintenance. Complete remedial repairs such as battery replacements can be undertaken on request with prices subject to the costs for labour and replacement equipment required.

Our objective here at Northern Lights Data is to ensure that we provide you with a customised solution to meet your power management needs. With routine UPS prevention checks and maintenance, our team of UPS expert master electricians will inspect and monitor all systems, ensuring that your business is equipped to handle all challenges. 

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