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What are Power Conditioners and How do They Work?

Wanting to protect your sensitive (and may we add, very expensive) electronics? Whilst surge protectors are a must, power conditioners are essential in offering protection for all entertainment & sound systems as well as home office devices. Power conditioners are electrical components which have been designed to improve the quality of power supplied through to a computer component by supplying voltage at a level that is safe for it to operate efficiently. While there may be no correct definition, often they are associated with voltage regulators, which improve the quality of power through brief impulse protection, power factor correction or noise suppression. 

The difference between power conditioners and surge protectors is that surge protectors act as a defence barrier against harmful voltage spokes. Whereas power conditioners can do just that as well as address any issues relating to radio frequency interference (RFI), electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and voltage fluctuations which can affect sound, entertainment and office devices (reducing the sound and picture quality). Essentially power conditioners act as a buffer between the outlet and electrical system, fixing any voltage fluctuations. While they were initially used in industrial research, today they are used predominantly for home electronics such as entertainment and sound equipment. 

Power conditioners also have a function which enables them to regulate and clean AC power by delivering power adjustments, removing any surges / spikes / noises / frequency irregularities which may damage or impact the performance of the equipment. 

Advantages of power conditioners

Equipment protection 

Power conditioners protect against voltage surges which tend to come through via electrical lines, phone lines, coax TV inputs and LAN connections. These surges can have a detrimental impact on your systems performance, or furthermore, it may result in a system failure.

Noise removal 

Power conditioners are able to remove the noise in electrical lines which tend to come via radio and TV stations, mobile phones, motors, as well as high current applications such as refrigerators. 

Fluctuation correction

Protection against voltage and waveform distortions 

Types of Power Conditioners

AC Regenerative

AC regenerative conditioners are considered as one of the more expensive (and larger in terms of size) conditioners. Whilst they do still generate a fair bit of heat, they are known to be more efficient in regards to combatting any issues relating to noise in audio/video sources. AC regenerative conditioners work similar to power generators in the way that they regular voltage, address waveform symmetry issues and reduce / eliminate lower order harmonic noise which is noise from surrounding neighbourhoods. These conditioners use automatic voltage stablisation circuits with a microprocessor transformer to deliver new AC voltage to entertainment systems.   

Balanced Transformer

Balanced transformers provide noise reduction which is known to be more advanced than passive inductor-capacity models. These power conditioners incorporate an isolated balanced transformer which stabilises AC power whilst optimising the noise reduction. Although it is important to note that they do tend to be on the pricier side as well as being larger and noisier and only offer limited power delivery.

Passive-type filters

The most affordable type of power conditioner, they are able to remove high frequency noises by sending them to a capacitor into the ground. As they are the cheapest, they do only provide basic noise-reduction capabilities. 

Northern Lights Data and Protection are experts in data centre power supply solutions and can recommend the best power conditioners to suit your particular business needs, growth plans and budget.

Our team of expert master electricians will work hand in hand with you, ensuring that your power conditioner needs are meet. All work and equipment will be installed safely, within an efficient time frame and minimal disruptions to the businesses day to day activity. Northern Lights Data is here to help you integrate your devised electrical strategy within your premises. We can coordinate the on site positioning and electrical connection as well as install power conditioners that best suit your requirements. Furthermore, we will conduct relevant tests to ensure that the power protection solutions are working at their optimal rate and are in accordance with all current rules and regulations. 

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